A Weather Tracking Service Designed Specifically for Industries subject to the Industrial Stormwater General Permit

Why StormWaterSamplingAlert.com?

Know When to Go

Receive email alerts when a rainstorm meeting your state's definition of a qualifying storm for stormwater sampling (e.g. 72 hours of dry weather and 0.1 inch magnitude) is predicted. The alerts sent by StormWaterSamplingAlert.com are customized for your exact location and permit requirements and are highly precise so you can sample the "first flush" of rainfall, if applicable.

Don't risk permit non-compliance and fines

StormWaterSamplingAlert.com is a proprietary weather tracking and email alert service designed to assist industry in complying with the NPDES and State Industrial Stormwater General Permit sampling requirements. The service tracks the weather at your industrial location 24/7, and will alert you by email when a rainstorm meeting your State specific requirements is predicted.

Email Notification

StormWaterSamplingAlert.com will provide email notification based on forecasts of rainstorms which meet the sampling requirements of your storm water discharge permit.

Alerts When You Need Them

StormWaterSamplingAlert.com will only send alerts about rain events which have a high probability of meeting your specific criteria (number of dry days prior to event and adequate runoff for sampling purposes.)


"As a small business, one thing we don't need is another issue to worry about. We removed a big stress when we signed up with Stormwater Sampling Alert! In these times, working with less people, this system helps a lot and works great."

- Don MacKenzie (Boats, Inc. Niantic, CT)

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